The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin

Suzy Swanson just lost her best friend, Franny Jackson right after an awful fight that tore the two apart. Then, even worse happened. Franny died and was really gone forever. Suzy is convinced that Franny died by a very rare jellyfish sting from the Irukandji. It was said that she had drowned but Franny was an amazing swimmer. She couldn't drown, could she? Suzy made a plan to prove her death was from a sting even if the plan consisted of traveling the world (alone) to find Jamie, a man who studies jellyfish. Suzy faces many struggles along the way. Does Suzy find Jamie and prove it was a jellyfish sting? Read find out!

This was a book that someone recommended to me and then gave me a copy. I loved the book and ended up reading it cover to cover in one sitting. It quickly became one of my favorite books and I would 100% recommend it!

Emma Fandel
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Available at the Langley Adams Library