Welcome to Langley-Adams Library's Reader's Advisory blog! For anyone who doesn't know us, we are a small library in Groveland, Massachusetts. We have a small, dedicated staff with all kinds of favorite books to read!  We will be posting reviews of recommendations of books that we have our library collection! No spoilers, we promise!  Sincerely, The Langley-Adams Library Staff

Katie the Catsitter by Colleen A.F. Venable

" Katie is dreading the boring summer ahead while her best friends are all away at camp--something that's way out of Katie and her mom's budget, UNLESS Katie can figure out a way earn the money for camp herself. But when Katie gets a job catsitting for her mysterious upstairs neighbor, life get interesting. First, Madeline has 217 cats (!) and they're not exactly . . . normal cats. Also, why is Madeline always out EXACTLY when the city's most notorious villain commits crimes?! Is it possible that Katie's upstairs neighbor is really a super villain? Can Katie wrangle a whole lot of wayward cats, save a best friendship (why is Beth barely writing back? And who's this boy she keeps talking about?!), AND crack the biggest story in the city's history? Some heroes have capes . . . Katie has cats!" ( Katie the Catsitter was catastic! This middle grade graphic novel was really fun. If you like superheroes, cats, and plucky female leads then t

We Are Not Free by Traci Chee

" “All around me, my friends are talking, joking, laughing. Outside is the camp, the barbed wire, the guard towers, the city, the country that hates us.  We are not free.  But we are not alone.”  We Are Not Free,  is the collective account of a tight-knit group of young Nisei, second-generation Japanese American citizens, whose lives are irrevocably changed by the mass U.S. incarcerations of World War II. Fourteen teens who have grown up together in Japantown, San Francisco.  Fourteen teens who form a community and a family, as interconnected as they are conflicted.  Fourteen teens whose lives are turned upside down when over 100,000 people of Japanese ancestry are removed from their homes and forced into desolate incarceration camps.  In a world that seems determined to hate them, these young Nisei must rally together as racism and injustice threaten to pull them apart." ( We Are Not Free  was a moving historical fiction from the point of view of fourteen Nisei

Olive Bright, Pigeoneer by Stephanie Graves

" Though war rages across mainland Europe and London is strafed by German aircraft, the little village of Pipley in Hertfordshire bustles along much as it always has. Adrift since her best friend, George, joined the Royal Air Force, twenty-two-year-old Olive Bright fills her days by helping at her father’s veterinary practice and tending to her beloved racing pigeons. Desperate to do her bit, Olive hopes that the National Pigeon Service will enlist Bright Lofts’ expertise, and use their highly trained birds to deliver critical, coded messages for His Majesty’s Forces. The strangers who arrive in Pipley are not from the NPS. Instead, Jameson Aldridge and his associate are tied to a covert British intelligence organization known as Baker Street. If Olive wants her pigeons to help the war effort, she must do so in complete secrecy. Tired of living vicariously through the characters of her beloved Agatha Christie novels, Olive readily agrees. But in the midst of her subterfuge, the vi

Beginners: The Joy and Transformative Power of Lifelong Learning by Tom Vanderbilt

" Why do so many of us stop learning new skills as adults? Are we afraid to be bad at something? Have we forgotten the sheer pleasure of beginning from the ground up? Or is it simply a fact that you can't teach an old dog new tricks?  Inspired by his young daughter's insatiable need to know how to do almost everything, and stymied by his own rut of mid-career competence, Tom Vanderbilt begins a year of learning purely for the sake of learning. He tackles five main skills (and picks up a few more along the way), choosing them for their difficulty to master and their distinct lack of career marketability--chess, singing, surfing, drawing, and juggling. What he doesn't expect is that the circuitous paths he takes while learning these skills will prove even more satisfying than any knowledge he gains. He soon finds himself having rapturous experiences singing Spice Girls songs in an amateur choir, losing games of chess to eight-year-olds, and dodging scorpions at a surf ca

A Dark and Hollow Star by Ashley Shuttleworth

In  A Dark and Hollow Star , fae and faeries exist alongside humans, though they don’t reveal their true nature to them. For the past few months, partial-fae have been getting murdered and no one knows why. Arlo Jarsdel, half fae, finds herself in the middle of investigating the murders when she sees a young partial-fae girl die at a caf√©. She teams up with Nausica√§, a disgraced former Fury, Vehan, a fae prince, and Aurelian, Vehan’s friend who must hide his love for him. Together they look for answers to why the fae kings and queens aren't trying to solve this mystery. Throughout their investigations, together and separate, they encounter a dangerous nightclub, alchemy, dangerous immortals, a secret society, and much more. I highly recommend this book for readers of YA who love fantasy! This book has multiple points-of-view, and each main character is LGBTQ. I personally had a lot of fun reading this book as well.  A Dark and Hollow Star  is a highly enjoyable read! Darcy Lepore L

The 'Hilda' series by Luke Pearson

" Hilda sits in her tent listening to the thunder passing overhead when she hears a bell. As she hurtles towards the vanishing tinkling sound, Hilda unwittingly embarks on an adventure into strange worlds ruled by magical forces. Luke Pearson tells this exciting tale for kids and adults alike." (   This  is a fun graphic novel series full of adventure. I started watching the show, which I am thoroughly enjoying, before I picked up one of the graphic novels. It's reminiscent of the show Gravity Falls. If you liked that show you will enjoy this series. Meghan McCabe Children & Youth Services Librarian Available through the MVLC Catalog

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

" First Son Alex Claremont-Diaz is the closest thing to a prince this side of the Atlantic. With his intrepid sister and the Veep’s genius granddaughter, they’re the White House Trio, a beautiful millennial marketing strategy for his mother, President Ellen Claremont. International socialite duties do have downsides—namely, when photos of a confrontation with his longtime nemesis Prince Henry at a royal wedding leak to the tabloids and threaten American/British relations. The plan for damage control: staging a fake friendship between the First Son and the Prince. As President Claremont kicks off her reelection bid, Alex finds himself hurtling into a secret relationship with Henry that could derail the campaign and upend two nations. What is worth the sacrifice? How do you do all the good you can do? And, most importantly, how will history remember you?" ( This book was a fun, steamy, LGBTQ+ romance that I couldn't put down. If you like enemies to lovers roma