The Raging Ones by Krista and Becca Ritchie

The Raging Ones has three points of view: Franny, Court, and Mykal. They live in a world where everyone knows the day that they will die. To not die on the day determined for you is unheard of, but somehow all three of them dodge their deathdays. As each one of them dodges their deathday, they find themselves mentally (and somewhat physically) linked to each other. For better or worse, they can feel what the other two feel.

Dodging their death days puts them in danger, so they all work together toward a particular goal: Getting away from their planet so no one discovers their secret.

Between the world-building and the writing, you will have a difficult time waiting for the next book in this duology, which comes out in August 2019!

Darcy Lepore
Library Director

Available at the Langley Adams Library